Pastel Tale is an art initiative for young art collectors to begin their art collection from India's best contemporary & upcoming artists. The beginning is the most essential part of one’s journey; Pastel Tale is an ideal platform for both young art collectors and upcoming contemporary artists.


Choose your taste of painting for your best fit. Explore it by different style

  • Abstract

    Abstraction indicates a departure from reality in the depiction of imagery in art. This departure from accurate representation can be slight, partial, or complete

  • Figurative

    describes artwork (particularly paintings and sculptures) that is clearly derived from real object sources.

  • Conceptual

    Conceptual painting, as a field of artistic practice, attempts to confront the gap between ideas and physical reality

  • Miniature

    Miniature art includes paintings, engravings and sculptures that are very small; it has a long history that dates back to prehistory


A wide range collection of painting for all art lovers. from abstract to landscape, you can find all the versatile paintings according to your choice.


It’s a unique way of presenting art in a three dimensional form with the use of vast variety of mediums.

Folk and Tribal

The Folk and Tribal Art is all about the rich symbols and the spiritual significance behind them. This form of art is treasured all over the world.

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